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Just Starting Out

I'm just starting out ... on blogging, that is ...

I'm not really starting out on gardening. I've been gardening in Brisbane now for just over three years. I tend not to show photos of the garden - which is 6 beds because - it ain't pretty ... but I celebrate the produce almost every week. The garden is on a very steep slope - so steep that in my first year I slipped over down there and snapped my leg right in half. Lesson 1: don't garden in flip-flops - it can get slippery and my misadventure involved eight ambulance officers to get me out!

I've also recently taken on the verge (the front footpath) which recently became legal to garden in Brisbane. It ain't pretty yet either, but I'm working on it and have a few pineapples on the go up there right now.

In May, when it cools down, I'll be putting a community herb garden in, and if I can find the right cabinet, then a 2nd hand book swap too. Watch this space ...

Until then, here's a small gallery of what I have achieved up till now!

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